Current Squad

Welcome to the 2015 Leeds Bradford MCCU squad. Links provided, where possible, to a Cricinfo or Cricketarchive profile.

DSC02198   Steve Bullen (RHB) (Wktkp)
Jonathan Das (RHB) (WktKp)Jonathon Das
Christian DavisChristian Davis (RHB) (LA Seam)
Ben Eckton (RHB) (RA Seam)Ben Eckton
Joe Ellis-GrewalJoe Ellis-Grewal (LHB) (LA Orthodox)
Nick Gubbins (LHB) (RA Leg Spin)Nick Gubbins
Kieran GrundyKieran Grundy (RHB) (RA Seam)
Chris Harwood (RHB) (RA Seam)Chris Harwood
Alex LilleyAlex Lilley (RHB) (LA Med Fast)
Kristian Martin (RHB) (RA Off Spin)Kristian Martin
Ryan McKendryRyan McKendry (RHB) (RA Off Spin)
Jack Myers (RHB) (RA Leg Spin)Jack Myers
DSC02035Archie Ogden (LA Seam)
Doug Pratt (RHB) (RA Seam)Doug Pratt
Billy RootBilly Root (RHB) (LA Seam)
Harry Rouse (RHB) (RA Med Fast)Harry Rouse
George ScottGeorge Scott (RHB) (RA Seam)
Mussy Shah (RHB) (RA Leg Spin)Mussy Shah
Cameron SlomanCameron Sloman (LA Seam)
Henry Thompson (RHB) (RA Off Spin)Henry Thompson
Chris Wakefield (RHB) (Wkt Kp)
Liam Watkinson (RHB) (RA Med)Liam Watkinson
Logan WestonLogan Weston (RHB) (RA Off Spin)


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